luckypeoplerubisaccidentIt was a sight to give even the toughest goose pimples.

A gas and diesel tanker truck and a panel van collided on the ABC Highway at Kingsland, with the truck literally crushing the van on the embankment.

Station Sergeant at the Oistins Police Station, Rickson Leacock, reported said that Raul Sealy, 19, was driving the van in the direction of Wildey when it slid on the wet road into the path of the Rubis tanker, heading in the direction of the Grantley Adams International Airport around 11: 05 a.m.

Sealy, of Kingsland Crest, Christ Church, was taken by ambulance to the Queens Elizabeth Hospital after complaining of chest, back, neck and shoulder pains, while Rodney Parris, of Deacons Road, St. Michael, the driver of truck, escaped with minor injuries to his hand. (MR)

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