Top ten students in Common Entrance Exam

This year six of the students in the top ten came from private primary schools. Top student, Brianna Williams, of the People’s Cathedral gained 98 per cent in Mathematics and 100 per cent in English with a converted total of 250.51 and “B” in the composition. She is headed to Harrison College.

The top male student and sixth overall was Zerayaicob Yaicob. The Rock Christian student is also headed to Harrison College after he achieved a converted total of 248.39 with 98 per cent in Mathematics, 97 in English and an “A” in the composition.

Also in the top ten were: St. Winifred’s Kaylee Ann Hodgkinson, who earned 249.69 and is off to Harrison College; Trinity Academy’s Alyssa Mahon scored 248.72 and has been placed at Queen’s College. Kaleah Hall of the Blackman & Gollop Primary is headed to The St. Michael School with 248.61.

Wilkie Cumberbatch’s Daniella Sandiford earned 248.48 for a place at Queen’s College; St. Margaret’s Primary Jakeem Hall was seventh overall with a score of 248.01 and a place at Queen’s College.

Charles F. Broome’s Ariana Layne, Ayshaa Bhana of the Al Falah School and Zach Drayton, an early sitter from St. Cyprian’s, all tied for eighth with scores of 247.90 and gained places at Harrison College.

Minister Jones also announced that the early sitters again performed well with scores from 220.98 to 240.46 and all were allocated to secondary schools. Five gained places at Harrison College — Tristan Howard of St. Joseph Primary, Amanda Whipple and Kyle Sandiford of Providence Elementary and Mateo Sam of Arthur Smith.

Rajahni Marshall of St. Joseph Primary earned a place at Queen’s College, Je–Dean Griffith of All Saints Primary — The Alexandra School, Bay Primary’s Aleesa Moore — Deighton Griffith, Nakita Hayde of Society Primary — Christ Church Foundation, Providence Elementarty’s Olivia Melnyk — The St. Michael School and Kinyko Bovell of the Seventh Day Adventist School opted for a bursary.

Three thousand, six hundred and sixty–nine students were allocated to public secondary school. (KC)

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