Proud of her success

Alyssa Mahon’s parents Terry and Sonia beam with pride.
Alyssa Mahon’s parents Terry and Sonia beam with pride.

Alyssa Mahon is very pleased with herself. And she has every reason to be.

The Trinity Academy student was not only one of two who scored 100 per cent in the English component of the Common Entrance Exam, but her score of 248.72 saw her land the number three position in the country.

She told Barbados TODAY she was “proud” of her achievements as she worked really hard to ensure her success.

The youngster said she gave up playing games on her iPad and other devices and some of her extra curricular activities, which include ballet, jewellery making, swimming and karate, to do some extra studying.

Mahon said she prefers Mathematics to English but found some aspects of the paper she wrote on May 7 hard.

Her dad, businessman Terry Mahon, said that Alyssa wanted to do better than her sister who was the top student when she wrote the Exam. So without prompting she elected to go to lessons every Saturday afternoon.

He also said she was very driven and wanted to be a chef so she spends hours watching Food Network on cable television. Terry said she had already picked out the name of her restaurant.

Alyssa will be heading to Queen’s College come September. (DS)

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