No pride in country

The article that I have just finished reading in Barbados Today, dated June 5 on the last page titled BARE JOKE set me thinking.

Minister of Environment Dr. Denis Lowe made a suggestion about the imposing of a fine of $10 for littering. The whole situation about littering seem to be a joke all around, because it even involves the Government. How do you impose a fine on the Government?

What people are doing in Barbados regarding littering is so sad. This isn’t showing any pride for your country in the first place. When you decide to just drop anything out of your hands in the street, this means that you aren’t even thinking of the consequences that will accrue from your actions.

You might have the mind set that people are being paid to pick up after you, but the funny thing about this is: What happens if the same people who are suppose to pick up after you don’t do so, and it rains?

The water then will carry all that you have dropped in the streets towards your drains. And if it gets pass your drains then it goes into the ocean. For some reason, or reasons that’s truly mind boggling to me, the pride that was once there seems to have died with the growth, or modernisation of Barbados.

I was taught as a boy that cleanness is next to Godliness, but it seem that no longer stands true in Barbados. I have no idea if this is still taught in schools in Barbados, and if it isn’t then it should be brought back to the schools. But then again, all things that are meant to better our children should start from at home.

If this $10 fine is being imposed on litter bugs, who’s going to carry it out? Then will they have to go to court for this act, or can the fine be paid through being issued what I would call a ticket being handed to that person, or persons?

But I see why it’s a joke in the first place, thinking about imposing a fine for littering. And I feel that the reason is because no one seem to take anything serious until it become a big problem, and even then it takes forever to be fixed.

Many people in Barbados have gotten to the point that it seems they really no longer care too much about anything more than dressing and having fun. Then on the other side you have the Government that seem to do nothing but build more buildings and houses even if no one is living in them. The whole situation is become one big mess.

And I am still looking for proof that Barbados does have a minimum wage implemented.

So is Barbados really growing or is it dying a slow death through frustration?

— Charles Cadogan

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