Marks for HC; but returning to Al Falah

Ayshaa Bhana
Ayshaa Bhana

Ayshaa Bhana feels really good about her performance in the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Exam.

She is one of the top 10 performers overall and gained a place at Harrison College after receiving marks of 247.90.

“I expected it. It was one of the school’s I really wanted to pass for,” she told reporters this afternoon at Al Falah School.

However, come September she will be returning to the Passage Road, City school for her secondary education.

Bhana, who noted that all of her siblings had attended Harrison College, said she liked to play outdoors, sometimes with her cousins. Her favourite subject is Mathematics and she noted that component of the exam was neither hard nor easy.

“It was kind of challenging,” was how the lass, who wants to be a teacher, described it. (DS)

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