Lowe: Get involved

Minister of Drainage and the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, today made a call for Barbadians to return to the communities of old, where instead of waiting on Government, people worked alongside state agencies.

He made the plea at the end of a tour of several flood prone areas where the Drainage Division had undertaken substantial works over the past years.

“That is part of the partnership with citizens and governmental organisations. In the past we’ve noted on several occasions where there have been some minimal interruption of water flow to wells in districts, communities and so on and that citizens can assist us by going out there and doing that minimal work that needs to be done, which is sometimes removing a bag from the grill which is restricting the water flow into the well or a plastic bottle or something of the sort.

“What I want to say to Barbadians is that really flood management is our business, not just the Drainage Division’s business, and that wherever citizens can assist in helping us to carry out our work effectively in a sustainable fashion, we are appealing to citizens to get on board and allow us to be partners with them in safeguarding their communities against flooding,” said the minister.

Such an approach could work, he said, because years ago that was how communities operated, looking out for each other and trying to assist where they could.

“I’m hoping we can get our citizens on board. If they see something that they think our Drainage Division needs to become aware of they are free to call in and share the information…, and these are the things that we want to move our citizens towards adopting as part of their community life,” he said.

While Lowe said he was satisfied with attempts by residents so far, he said he wanted to see an escalation to more action. (LB)

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