Kaleah gets her wish

11pluskaleachhallIt is only the second year that Blackman & Gollop Primary in Staple Grove, Christ Church has been in existence and they are already reaping special recognition in the Barbados Secondary School’s Entrance Examination.

One of their students, Kaleah Hall, placed number four in the island and will be heading to the school of her choice, The St. Michael School, in September.

“It was hard because I could not understand most of the things and it had to be explained to me over and over and I thought I was going to get a low [grade] because of the Mathematics. [However] I am good at Grammar but I still thought I would not get to St. Michael’s,” the shy lass said as she recalled the May 7 exam.

“Some of the studying strategies that I used, was to go home and take up my books and read them over and over again and getting my mummy to help me and my daddy. Also I asked my teacher to help me and I went online to do [relevant] work,” Hall said.

Additionally, the Class Four student mentioned that she opted to drop Brownies which she had been involved in for some time. Her aunt, Gail King, who spoke to Barbados TODAY because Kaleah’s parents were out of the island, said she was “elated and overjoyed”.

“I expected her to do very well, I did not expect her to be a top student, but it happened and I am overjoyed,” King said.

Hall plans to celebrate until secondary school starts in September, beginning with a big dinner soon, King added. (MR)

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  1. Donnah June 13, 2013 at 9:31 am

    What a wonderful story of perseverance! Even at her age she realizes with a strategy, we can succeed in the face of obstacles !! God bless her.


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