Giving God all the praise

Top student Brianna Williams (third left) was elated at her performance in the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Exam. She was also thankful to God for His mercy and for everyone who prayed for her. This afternoon, her parents Kavita (fourth left) father Paul (fifth left) as well as her sister Whitney (left) and brother Micah and teacher Gloria Clarke shared in her joy.

All things are possible through Christ, says Brianna Wiliams of the People’s Cathedral Primary School.

And today she is giving Him all the praises for her accomplishments.

Williams is this year’s top student in the Common Entrance Examination and will be attending Harrison College in September. She gained a converted total of 250.51 with a “B” in the composition — 98 per cent in Mathematics and was one of only two students to gained full marks in the English paper.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this evening, the 11-year-old said she was overjoyed and ecstatic.

Relaxing playing a game of golf with her father Paul and trying to avoid the telephone which rang non-stop, she added she was grateful to God, her parents and everyone who prayed for her, including teacher, Gloria Clarke.

The Gemswick, St. Philip resident said her goal was always to attend the Crumpton Street St. Michael school to carry on the “family tradition” started by her uncles, father, sister Whitney and cousin Danielle.

In addition, she plans to become a cardiothoracic surgeon and believes that she would best achieve this goal via the school.

“I prayed before every session I went into, every test I took. I prayed to God that He would bring back everything to my memory. I knew I had the school I wanted to reap so I just persevered,” she said as she smiled.

Williams, who is also a singer, pianist and currently learning to play the guitar, plans to spend much time with her friends and family on the island before she takes a celebratory trip to Disney World. (KC)

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