Dads important too

On Sunday we will be celebrating Father’s Day. I never understood why this day seems to come and go so quietly compared to Mother’s Day.

Most businesses begin to advertise Mother’s Day specials weeks in advance. So why is it not the same for Father’s Day?

I believe that fathers play a very important role in the lives of children. Years ago the father’s role was that of provider and disciplinarian in the home but that has changed. Women are working and some unfortunately have to raise their children alone. I have lots of respect for single parents but I believe that children deserve both parents in their lives.

What could possibly have happened to cause a parent to be absent from their children’s lives in truly beyond me. Regardless of the situation, two persons came together and a child was created. It is both parents’ responsibility to ensure that they are present in their children’s lives to help nurture and support them.

I know that every situation is different and many parents who may be absent for their child’s lives may blame the other parent, but at the end of the day the only one who truly suffers are the child.

My father was never present in my life as he lives in Trinidad. I believe I truly missed out on the role he should have played in my life. I had no one to teach me about boys or to show me the world through the eyes of a male.

I thank God everyday for my great grandmother as she did all she could for me, but I still believe I was missing something. As I grew older I said to myself that when I decide to start a family I wanted to ensure that my child grow up with a father as I knew how I felt not to have one present in my life.

Parents need to understand that they have very important roles to play. I do not believe that one parent can do it all regardless of the situation they are in. Some fathers I believe try their best to do what they can. I love to see on evenings or on the weekend, fathers taking their kids for a walk or for ice cream.

Contrary to popular belief I believe that they are still good fathers out there.

Sunday is the day we show appreciation to the fathers of Barbados. They are some men who may not be the biological father of some kids but raise them nonetheless. Celebrate the fathers who have stepped up to the plate and have taken responsibility for their children.

Make them feel special on this day and make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them. Take them to lunch or prepare a home cook meal, but whatever you do make sure they know how important they are to you. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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