Aspiring cop gunned down

PORT OF SPAIN — The dream of 26-year-old Ryan Mc Intosh was to become a police officer, in order to secure a future for his wife and two children.

In 2009, Mc Intosh began to pursue his dream and applied to the Special Reserve Police programme.

He began training in last October’s intake but fell at the last hurdle.

He failed the final examination.

Mc Intosh however never gave up on his dream and earlier this year he was given a lifeline.

He was given the opportunity to write a supplemental examination which he passed.

Mc Intosh was expected to be precepted as a SRP by the end of this month.

His dream was about to come true.

This however proved to be a problem for the ‘bad boys’ in his area.

Mc Intosh was warned that they did not want any police living in their area.

The area in question is Celestine Drive, Pelican Extension Morvant.

He stood his ground.

Mc Intosh’s dream turned to a nightmare yesterday.

He left his home to take his two-year-old daughter Sharia to the nursery.

His wife Shanice and five-month-old son Ryan Junior were still at home.

On his way back home to meet Shanice, for them to go to work together, Mc Intosh was fatally shot.

He died on the spot.

The shooting occurred around 7:30 a.m. detectives stated.

His mother Julie Perryman yesterday described her son as “a real quiet man, who was never involved in any trouble”.

Perryman is a retired police officer and Mc Intosh would have been her third child in the Police Service.

“He just sat his exam and was successful and he was happy. It was his dream come true,” Perryman said yesterday.

Mc Intosh and Shanice worked at East Side Bakers together.

A spokesperson for the company said that Mc Intosh would be missed.

“He was a real nice person and just a fun person to be around. He would make you laugh when you feel sad and he was just a happy man,” the spokesperson who requested anonymity said.

“It is truly a sad day, everybody knew and loved him,” the spokesperson said.

Mc Intosh worked at the bakery’s production department for some three years.

Homicide detectives are continuing investigations into Mc Intosh’s death.

According to an Express tally the murder toll for this year now stands at 168.

The comparative figure was 178 last year. (Express)

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