Ariana’s over the moon

Dad Antonio Layne and aunt Lauraine Gittens enjoy the moment with Arianna.
Dad Antonio Layne and aunt Lauraine Gittens enjoy the moment with Arianna.

Ecstatic, excited and any other word that conveys joy would aptly sum up the feelings in the Layne household tonight.

Ariana’s dad, Antonio Layne, who was at the Charles F. Broome Primary this afternoon when a Barbados TODAY team stopped by, was so pleased with his daughter’s success he could not find enough words to express his feelings.

“If there is one child that is blessed that is Ariana. She is a Christian child, we are a Christian family. I always knew that [she] would do it, I always had the belief that she would do it. She was always a bright child … but her downfall has always been careless errors ” he said as he basked in her success.

Antonio credited Ariana’s mum, Michele Layne, who was ill and did not make it to the Government Hill, St. Michael school today for much of her success. He said that Michele pushed her daughter and made sure she did the work.

The Harrison College-bound lass continued with her extra curricular activities while preparing for the exam, including playing the violin and swimming, as her parents did not want her to only concentrate on academic work.

In the end she scored 98 in English 96 in Maths and an “A” in composition, for a total of 247.90. She was one of three students who tied for eighth position, and she said she was more than a little happy with her results. (DS)

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