Another type of clown

In Monday’s edition of your paper, I read of our Education Minister’s annual expression of his displeasure of “calypso clowns” and the “clown parade” referring to some of our calypso songwriters and performers.

While I will not offer comment on his particular perception, what does concern me, considerably more, is another type of “clown” whose “parading” we have to put up with not just for a six- or seven-week Crop-Over period, but year-in, year-out!

I speak of a type of clown who is full of sound and fury signifying less than nothing; a type of clown who attributes delinquent behaviour to demons lurking within children; a type of clown who spends $600,000 of taxpayers’ money on a Commission of Inquiry and then totally disregards its findings and recommendations; a type of clown who is a R.J. — a real joker!

Truly, I’m much more concerned with the far more dangerous “political clown”!

A welcome innovation would be to have these “political clowns” resign their posts and rid all of us of the terrible burden of incompetence they impose upon this country.

— Lionel James

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