What has Broomes done wrong?

Let me first assure Stephen Nicholls that I am not a Jeff Broomes apologist. I have known the gentleman for a number of years in the cricket circles but our views have always clashed.

I am an Empire man and he certainly is not.

I also happen to have two children at Parkinson and have observed the principal during the time that he has been at the school and am glad that my children are under his influence.

After reading the article on Sunday, June 2, I must say something because I am beginning to realise that there are some Jeff Broomes haters who seemingly pick on every golf ball that comes out of his mouth to attack him. It is becoming clearer to me what foolishness he had to go through at Alexandra.

I was at the meeting and cannot believe that this statement that was part of a humorous exchange could be spoken about in this way. They are being so petty and childish.

What is more important to me is the statement that led to the words. Broomes said that he would be insisting that all students who teachers request be given an extra year at school to do a few more subjects must be entered to write them at CXC. In explanation, he said that it made no sense bringing children back to school in September and then telling them in November that they will not be entered to do the subject.

He said that this was not fair to the student nor good for the school because those children would be the ones walking all over the place and causing most of the disciplinary problems.

There was not a single person in the room, parent or teacher, who disagreed with him.

What has this man done wrong? To my mind he is seeking to do what is best for the students and right for the school.

He and I will still disagree on cricket but I admire him on how he operates at Parkinson. My oldest daughter refers to him as her dad and says that he calls them his children although he has been at the school for less than six months.

I have attended the two parent teacher meetings and the two special meetings he had with parents and am very pleased with how he interacts with parents. I heard one head of department say that they have his back and I know that we as parents also have it double.

Broomes, you are talking my language when it comes to dealing with my children and don’t let anyone distract you. As my wife says, if there is a better principal in Barbados we don’t know him. We only wish you were at Parkinson five years earlier.

— Sinclair Holder

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