Wait your turn, says Paul

estimates2013jamespaulheadThere are persons who feel that they were born to be rulers.

Parlimentary representative for St. Michael West Central, James Paul, made this observation today while speaking on the Police Complaints Authority Bill in the House of Assembly.

Paul said: “When you encourage insurrection who gets hurt? They live in their gated communities removed from the ordinary citizen. Our duty is to ensure that the Police Complaints Authority functions in the interest of the ordinary man or woman and not just the monied class.”

The MP noted that as a democracy, Barbados was still evolving and questioned which investor would come to Barbados if there is no stability. Paul acknowledged that the society was under stress because of the current economic recession gripping the world.

Condemning the impatience of some leaders, Paul said: “If there is a problem in the electoral system attempt to correct it. There is a level of impatience in the society. We are the beneficiaries of stability. We do not want families split down the middle. The Democratic Labour Party wants to build a better society. We do not want to encourage people to go on the street and demonstrate.”

He noted that the country was now experiencing pressure on the traditional concept of marriage and maintained that there were some leaders who encouraged some people to take the easy way out.

The agricultural sector administrator said there were some Barbadians who were willing to sell their mother and grandmother for money. Paul had earlier stated that the country has institutions and leaders must ensure that the citizens participate in them in a meaningful way.

He praised the Royal Barbados Police Force for maintaining stability in the country, and noted that the Police Complaints Authority and the Royal Barbados Police Force has been held to high standards and stressed that the failings of the police force represent the failing of society.

Paul argued that the citizens of Barbados should have an opportunity to vent their grievances and should have the confidence that their complaints will be dealt with in a meaningful way.

He recalled that he had developed a reading programme in his constituency and had invited a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force to address it.

Paul disputed suggestions that most of the island’s youth were engaged in anti-social activity and noted that some of the youth involved in his programme gave ideas on how to improve processes in the police force.

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