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Urging parents to plant

St. Lucy Parish Independence Committee and PTA officials joined with parents for the distribution of tyres and plants at Half-Moon Fort Primary.

St. Lucy Parish Independence Committee and PTA officials joined with parents for the distribution of tyres and plants at Half-Moon Fort Primary.

Parents at Half-Moon Fort Primary could very well be heading into competition this summer — with their children serving as scribes of the process.

The school this morning launched a tyre garden project aimed at encouraging parents to not just create gardens but the community as well to eat what they grow and grow what they eat.

The teacher who spearheaded the project, Mondelle Welch, told the parents at the St. Lucy-based school that the theme for the year was Building A Better Community and that was what they were trying to do. She said there was room for parental support in the life of the school and she hoped this project would provide them with reasons to get even more involved.

She advised them that the tyre gardens could be a good way to assist with produce around the homes, adding that they did not have to have a lot of land to produce something worthwhile.

“It makes no sense complaining about the cost of living if you can help yourself. Plant a few lettuce and you won’t have to buy them. Plant anything that you can plant, you don’t have to have land, we have some tyres for you. You can plant in pans, any kind of containers,” she said.

One of the parents though, suggested that the project be turned into a competition, which organisers, including guest speaker, former Minister of Agriculture Haynesley Benn said would perhaps be a good idea.

He said he believed it would motivate the parents to be involved, while Welch said that the children could act as record keepers during the process.

Since the school already has a thriving tyre garden, manned by the students and teachers, she said she believed they could track the growth of the seedlings over time and report the findings back to the school, especially over the summer period.

Benn advised the parents to begin cultivating good habits and an appreciation for eating and producing local products in their children from now.

Recalling his days at school when biscuits and locally made jam or jelly constituted lunch, or where children were required to care for animals that would be sold and the proceeds used to buy books and school clothes, Benn said that similarly children should be taught such responsibilities in the home today.

The tyre garden, he maintained, was a step in the right direction for parents. (LB)

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