The end is near

When you look at the world and society as it is these days, all you can say is it seems like the end is near.

All sorts of things happening will make you wonder what the world is coming to. Not just the acts of Mother Nature, but the senseless acts by humans will leave you wondering what type of fluid runs through their veins.

Suicide bombers in the Muslim territories have become a norm now, so hearing it has happened somewhere is no longer a surprise to us or anyone else. I still don’t know why anyone will strap explosives to themselves or to a vehicle and press a button and blow themselves and everyone and thing around them to bits. There was a time when you could say that certain things will remain foreign to Barbados and the rest of the region, but don’t be too surprised when they start to happen on our doorsteps. A classic example was the attempted coup in Trinidad a while back. We never expected to have such a thing happening after the execution of Maurice Bishop and others in Grenada back in 1983, but we know for sure that such is possible even if it fails in the end.

Many years back we heard of and saw men climbing onto the roofs of the Treasury Building and the roof of the hospital and threatening to jump. None of them ever took the leap, but later on the accessibility of herbicides made it a whole lot easier for them to end their lives. Unfortunately these acts of digesting bad smelling and very potent chemicals usually occurred after they either tried to or killed someone.

They were instances where the person(s) couldn’t handle the pressures of their life and chose to end it that way. Hanging too became a popular male thing if I can call it that, but the results were all the same, no matter the method chosen.

Suicides will happen, but the method chosen lately even though just twice in less than a year, of jumping has really made some of us start to think about how simple and easy it is for one to do such from our ever growing high rise structures. Getting to the higher levels is not a problem and no one ever has potential jumper written on their forehead so everyone can be alerted.

No one knows the amount of pressure the other can take as far as hardships, failed relationships, stress and other things that could cause them to reach the breaking point. We have many walking about with extreme pressures but try to hide them within.

It isn’t everything that can be shared and discussed that will ease the weight but there has to be a better way other than taking your life. People don’t care much about people anymore, so seeing or hearing someone is in a bad way which could lead to mental fatigue resulting in extreme acts makes little difference.

We have heard of shooting in schools in the US, and when further investigated the results showed some sort of pressure situation that led to the sad endings. People hearing of other’s issues just tend to gossip about them more than try to assist them. We have been hearing of making a change, so why not change our careless attitude to one of caring more. We could end up saving a life or lives for that matter.

The tough guy or rude boy still believes he has the right to act as senseless as possible if offended. I see them more as cowards because they tend to act against meaningless situations that could be left alone or avoided one way or the other. The results are usually one of homicidal endings.

One family is left to grieve and others are left with trying to prove that their actions were warranted somehow in the law courts. I take special reference to the incident at a Rally Barbados stage event. Idiots are among us, and they are multiplying, which means that gene is being passed on, so expect a few more to surface over the years. I compare it to roaches. Just as the roaches develop an immunity to the pesticides we use, so too do these idiots to the methods used to stop them from being a menace to society. Just like the scientist, we need to develop other means of dealing with this pest to society.

Many people fear going to mass events due to the possibility of encountering these types. Even though they are few, the result is usually huge. The Pork Lime now being held in the City this season is of concern for me as I fear what the possibilities of reckless behaviour could be. I do hope I am wrong and it is a successful outing.

Finally hearing that a cold case has been solved is good news but brings back sad memories for those affected. Seeing that a family member is the one charged for incest and murder can only intensify the hurt. We may think that this is not a norm but when we think of the many cases of uncles, fathers, stepfathers and brothers too having incestuous relations with family members, just think of what could have happened if the victims struggled or in any way tried to halt the attack; they too may have been killed.

They are many paedophiles among us and straight up filthy people. They have an illness that they and some in society tend not to see as one but we have to face the facts. Don’t think that females don’t engage in some of these acts too, because I know of a male friend who was given the shock of his life at a very young age by a woman who was known to the family and lived just a few houses away.

All cases are not reported, and I believe many of these unnatural deaths could have been at the hands of persons related to or known by the victims. Just look at the last one where the guilty party was a blood relative. This sort of thing sickens me tremendously, and being a father of a teenage daughter, I really fear the ills of this world for her sake. I can’t blame some parents for being overly protective at times.

This is a changing world we live in. A lot of the things happening now may have happened during the days of our grandparents, and they are coming full circle. Just like teenage pregnancy happened then, it happens now. Incest was happening then and it still happens now. We have a more educated society I would like to believe, so we need to curb these acts. Speak out and identify these persons so society can be well aware and protected from these ills.

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