Squires back again

gwenthsquires2013sampleVeteran band leader, Gwenyth Squires is most definitely bringing a Junior Kadooment and a Grand Kadooment band this year — so competition beware.

This is the warning she sent when speaking to Barbados TODAY. Squires launched her 2013 Crop-Over bands Sunday night at the band house in King’s Village, Dayrell’s Road in St. Michael.

She said there was a rumour circulating that she would not be competing for the 28th year, but she assured regulars that was indeed untrue.

Her Junior Kadooment band is called Wings Of Beauty and already, three of the seven sections are sold out — Firefly, Grasshopper and Ladybird. The other sections are Bumblebee, Honeybee, Butterfly and Dragonfly.

This year, the 18-time Best Junior Kadooment Band winner will cater for 370 children. The Grand Kadooment band, Guardian Of Our Heritage, will target 400 revellers in sections titled — Upholders Of Our Legacy, Portals Of History, Rails Of Victory, Heroes Of Fountain, Holding Down The Fort and Ambassadors Of Our Culture.

Even though Squires has won Designer of The Year 17 times and many other accolades in relations to her concepts over the years, she admitted she was not confident of her chances of sweeping the competition this year.

However she maintained that she had a very good theme.

“In the NCF rules they say you have to bring a Barbadian band to win Band Of The Year, so I follow the rules. My theme is about heritage — heritage is being pushed all over the world. I got a friend to go and look at our history and that is where my concepts came. I don’t think any band leader has ever brought such a concept … but I am not confident,” she said.

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