Photography at its best

photographyexhibit2013‘Exposed Yet Again’ exhibition pieces described as brilliant and impactful

Are you interested in seeing photography at its best? Then the place to be is the Barbados Photographic Society’s exhibition Exposed Yet Again.

That’s the advice of gallery attendant, Jacqueline Batson.

She was in an intimate gathering of enthusiasts who attended the opening of the exhibition on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Gallery at Pelican Craft Village in the City.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY, Batson described the pieces on display as brilliant and very impactful. There are about 15 prints of both film and digital media on display.

Artists include president of the society Jeremy Greenidge, past president Ansley Weekes, Dr. Raymond Maughn, Winston Edgehill, Lisa Deane, Yvette Reid, Bruce Evelyn, Sybil Edgehill, Gaitri Mahabir and Geoffrey Bourne.

While each piece draws its own interest, among those which stand out are Maughn’s Alien Mold, which is printed on canvas and looks like an actual painting. It was of a poison mushroom growing from a tree, however, because of its composition it looked more like coral.

Weekes’ works, titled Celebration and Fading Past, which were produced on film, were very well composed. Fading Past is a composition of the Harry Smith building and upon examination one could see the history which went into the structure, while Celebration was a photo of a single cane arrow. When one looks at it closely, however, it gives the illusion of a brilliant burst of fireworks.

Bourne’s piece, I See You, has been described as very colourful and eye catching and while many of the pieces were of scenery, Edgehill’s is a self-portrait. The exhibition continues for two weeks. (KC)

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