Family feast

crabfeastTheir “catches” may not rival those of the world famous Chesapeake Bay of Maryland, and their expeditions don’t come close to the extreme danger of “king crabbing” in the choppy frigid waters off Alaska where the world’s most expensive variety is found, but don’t underestimate the crabbers of Carrington Village.

The group of about half a dozen “youth”, including one woman, can “haul in” as many as 60 crabs on a good night in the gullies of St. Joseph or St. Andrew, or in the region of Greame Hall Swamp in Christ Church.

But don’t expect to walk into any crab shack and purchase a “bushel” of this delicacy. That’s because Troy “Beres” Rowe and his City crew engage in the pastime as a way of building friendships and a sense of community.

Rowe explained that with “Swift” in the driver’s seat, David Clarke “riding shotgun”, and “the other David” on hand, they would set out with only flashlights and hands swift enough to avoid the claws, hoping for a strong shower to bring out their prey.

giantcrabonfrontpageThis week their take was small, a mere 30 crabs, but the coming together to prepare and cook their meal, properly seasoned of course, evoked loads of camaraderie – and that’s all they really engage in their crabbing expeditions to achieve.

“We used to go crabbing from the time we were boys,” Rowe said. “At the time we used to catch crabs down by the Globe [Cinema] but since they put in the canal the crabs die off.

“So once Swift available, because he got the ‘trans-p’, we would go as far as St. Andrew or Christ Church. It is fun. The same way some people would go fishing, we go crabbing.”

So if you are looking for some freshly cooked crab meat, you just need to be in Carrington Village on the right night. (RRM)

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  1. melissa June 12, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Gullies?!? They may have looked in SOME gullies, but up to Saturday night they were trespassing onto properties. Climbing over fences and harassing the dogs all into 1 o’clock in the morning.


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