Simplicity, colour and fun

cropover2013wednesday20004dayWatch out this Foreday Mornin’, because Wednesday 2000 is coming to Kolour Me Bad.

At least that’s the promise of band designer, Mackie Holder, who is in his 19th year of designing Crop-Over costumes.

Holder said just like in the past, he was sticking this year to the tradition of what Foreday Mornin’ was and was therefore bringing ultimately a T-shirt band, at least with vests and short shorts for the women.

“We tested the waters last year. It’s not my favourite thing, but we have some people who want to do it and it is more about organising to get a group of friends on the road really,” said Holder, who last evening held a soft launch of his 2013 concepts — both Kadooment and Foreday Mornin’ — for a few patrons.

The launch was to give some a taste of what was on offer, and one thing was for certain — the colours this year are bold.

Holder explained that each year they operated with the theme, Anything Goes, and this year they have refined it to include Kolour Me Bad.

“The way Foreday is going is interesting, that’s all I’ll say. I think it is wrong. I think if we are really going to have different things to offer, then we really have to make sure they are different and we also have to decide what are the different aspects we want to develop,” he said.

“The name of our band is always Anything Goes because that is what Foreday should really be about. It should really be about just doing anything… Anything Goes — Kolour

Me Bad sticks to the core elements of morning mas — simplicity, colour

and fun. So band members will get to choose from an array of colours, including florescents, and styles of

outfits, particularly, including pull-string and high-waist bottoms,” he added, noting

that the band house will be Speedbird House, Independence Square, the

City. (LB)

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