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galaxys4zoomWe all know Samsung are not strangers to teasing its fans, and with expectations already high about the company’s newest project dubbed the Galaxy S4 Zoom being unveiled in London on June 20, one can only wonder what’s in store.

Earlier this year Samsung sent in the “SM-101” to the FCC for approval with a layout looking very much like an S4 with large camera on the back, essentially a sequel to the Galaxy camera, which I quite like by the way.

The FCC report stated the SM-C101 has quad-band GSM, AT&T-compatible HSPA+, NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. However, the lack of LTE support put a doubt on its travel plans to US. But with less than a detailed report being available, they were still some questions, the major one being the talks of a 16-megapixel camera.

Fast forward to present day and we still aren’t very clear about any other specs for the Zoom, but now it seems that we may be looking at the hybrid phone/camera in all its eyebrow-raising glory.

Thanks to SamMobile and TechTastic, who managed to catch glimpses of the S4 Zoom in the wild. The S4 Zoom seems to be based on the S4 Mini, and it seems to have a dedicated shutter button on the right, as well as a volume rocker which, according to rumour, will also activate the camera’s optical zoom.

On the opposing side of the cameraphone/phonecamera you’ll also find what looks to be a tripod mount.

Time will tell and hopefully all will be revealed on June 20, but my question is: Will the Zoom I be a camera that makes calls or phone with an awesome camera? You are probably wondering what the difference is; well its simply what did Samsung put their focus on — no pun intended.

Did they focus on taking pictures? So most of the work went into the camera and its development? Software and hardware integration. Or is the focus more towards the phone itself with more focus on the day-to-day usage of the device.

I personally hope it is more of split down the middle — a 50/50 balanced between phone features and improved but not over the top camera features. Who knows, maybe they will just superglue a Galaxy Camera on the back of a S4 4 mini and call it a day.

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