Minister: Esplanade going solar

The Bay Street Esplanade will soon be completely powered by alternative energy.

This was revealed by Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, who noted that ongoing work on the project was a demonstration of how Government intends to lead the way in moving from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The Esplanade project, which started around the beginning of May, involves the replacement of the roof and fixtures.

The Minister noted that a number of public sector buildings with daily operations could be converted to alternative energy, allowing the country to realise energy-related savings.

“The [new Barbados] Water Authority building will have elements of renewable energy; the Sanitation Service Authority administration tower at Vaucluse will have renewable energy as a main source of energy consumption,” he said, noting such projects would prove that renewable energy sources do work.

‘One time cost’

Stating that the installation of renewable energy would escalate the up front costs, Lowe stressed that it was a “one time cost”, which would realise returns overtime as the building is used.

“This is the launching of a broader plan that will detail the conversion of sites across the country, where possible, to renewable energy sites, and have them retrofitted with water saving devices wherever possible,” he said.

Describing the esplanade as a pilot project, Lowe disclosed that the National Conservation Commission’s bath facility, also on Bay Street, would be outfitted with energy saving devices.

He added that the ministry was looking at the conversion of its vehicles from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

“We already have a renewable energy car in Barbados, and we will increase the number of renewable energy vehicles in the fleet,” he said.

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