MESA: Time for in-depth research

President of the Men’s Educational Support Association, Ralph Boyce, is appealing for in-depth research to be carried out to find out the reasons for family disputes in the island.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY Boyce said that some “high sciences” were already known, like, people coming in drunk at night and jealousy but there needed to be specific research geared towards this issue so as to really deal with it.

One of the reasons, he said, could be a main motive behind some of the same disputes on the island is the whole notion of “women giving men jackets to wear”.

“We know the root causes are broad, in Jamaica might be different from Britain and Canada, however, this same DNA thing might be a part of it. A woman simply saying to a man, ‘this is yours and that is yours but not that’ — that is likely to provoke a man because he has spent, like one man said, 35 years supporting  a child he thought was his,” he said.

He called for DNA tests to be mandated by the court.

“People would talk about the cost and say the state can’t afford it but the state affords a lot of other stuff. I once said the state could afford a dump in a scenic area and … [I was cussed] — so it is priorities.

“They say they are not sending a man to prison for non–payment but they send them to prison for contempt of the court for not paying, which is the same thing. Then we find out [years later] that child is not his.

“All that is why we need a survey… We need to have figures on the people in prison for battery assault and the reasons why. We need to go and do research to find out what is the key root causes of domestic violence in Barbados because we don’t know the extent of it.

“We need to get to the [police] stations for example … to conduct in-depth interviews on domestic causes; women say you don’t need it but you have to know.

“People like [the guy who jumped off the building] and Nathan, who drank gramoxone, we need to insure that we get in touch with those people that they know they can get in touch with us before they go to the extreme or kill themselves. Unless you have that record you really don’t know,” he added. (KC)

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  1. Angela June 11, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    A few of the root causes of Domestic Violence are as follows:

    1) High expenses (food, shelter) and not enough income

    2) Feeling that there’s no way out of a current situation (hopelessness)

    3) Chronic Pain, or an illness there’s not enough money to fix

    Basically those are a few examples. Also, we need to look at the family dynamic, most island homes lack a positive male role model.

    We should learn how to meditate so that our emotions are kept in check.
    What we also are not aware of is that adult behavior/decisions are governed by what we learn whether verbally or perceived between the ages of 0-6, hence we ask “why do you behave so childish?”

    A new way of thinking has to start in Barbados… self actualization is paramount for success.


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