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For first-time bandleader, Simone Clarke, Crop-Over is one of the best times of the year.

Having worked with bands before, she said she wanted to bring something different and this year was as good as any for her to get her feet wet by getting directly involved with the festival.

“I’m a hairdresser and in the salon you hear a lot of feedback and a lot of mature people want to do the Foreday Mornin’ jump but everybody don’t want to the two pice bathing suit, or the T-back panty. They don’t want to do the young people thing.

“I wanted to do something different and open up the market some more because a lot of people are interested but they are skeptical about whether or not to step in or not,” Clarke said.

She is hoping to have between 300 to 500 revellers in her Foreday Mornin’ band this year — Time Capsule.

“Our concept this year is a time capsule. You hear a lot of people talk about going to every fete, hearing the same old music over and over so we want to bring back music on the road. We’re starting from the early 90s just giving them the hits and the road marches and then we’re coming right up.

“We’re not taking away from this year’s music but when we’re getting closer to Spring Garden Highway we’ll be mixing the music and taking them through a time capsule of music. When we get on Spring Garden the DJs will freestyle and play this year’s music,” Clarke said.

The bandleader explained there is one band just different colour tee shirts and what they will be doing is designing them differently.

“We didn’t want to do the typical costumes, we want to show them you can be creative with the tee-shirt and we didn’t want to take away that aspect.

“This is our first year but every year we want to not only do the Foreday Mornin’ band but take on a charity. This year we’ll be working with the HIV/AIDS Commission to raise awareness and also the HIV Food bank. We not only want to create a safe atmosphere for revellers to come out and enjoy themselves.

“We want to keep them aware of what is out there. When they are coming to register they can bring a can to place in the food barrel and at the end [of the festival] we want to donate that to the food bank.”

The packages include costumes, cups, bandanas, unlimited drinks on the road, mud, paint, midnight snacks and a buffet breakfast at the end of the jump.

The band house is located at the Yard Bar in Dash Gap. (DS)

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