Calypso clowns

Minister of Education Ronald Jones.
Minister of Education Ronald Jones.

The Minister of Education is still not happy some of the song writers in Barbados.

This morning when Ronald Jones addressed the launch of the sixth National Innovation Competition at the Savannah Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church, he suggested that this country needed good song writers and artists who could package the local music in such a way that Barbados would be recognised globally.

Referring to a number of controversial Crop-Over songs for this year, Jones insisted that the country did not need people writing selections such as “bup bup, head board” or “tell me why yuh bumpa get so”.

It’s understood that at least one of those songs — bup bup, head board — has been banned by a local radio station.

“Maybe as part of the innovation competition, somebody would take what we call our beat, spouge, and refine it. The cultural imperative, that wherever you go in the world, just like reggae became known and felt, and still played by some … that came from Barbados; listen to it and they would flock to every dance hall or listen to it on the radio and know Barbados as a result of that; and good song writers — not bup bup, head board, or ‘tell me why yuh bumpa get so’,” declared the Government minister.

He observed that the same people around whom the songs were written, were 90 per cent of the audience.

“Actually demonstrating how de bumpa get so,” he added. “It was something [Crop-Over song] last year — 6.30; I love flexibility, good exercising concept. Maybe that was innovation, six-thirty. Somebody is going to give me 12 o’clock, or a quarter to nine. Maybe that, too, is innovation,” he said to much laughter from the audience.

However, the education minister argued that the creative arts could be an area for innovation.

“How can we innovate in our creative industries to generate large amounts of resources in our country?” he asked.

Jones said this would not be instantaneous: “It would take time to be fed into the system. That could be an innovation as well. So rather than an adult song, you would hear a child.

“Rather than go through the same thing year after year, songs the same way, badly written, … good writers should be pitted with good musicians; with good people who can sing, rather than the clown parade that we get that starts today and dies tomorrow.”

He suggested that the good product, like the Bible, lives on forever. (EJ)

3 Responses to Calypso clowns

  1. ANTHONY DAVIS June 11, 2013 at 3:59 am

    I totally agree with the Minister.

    He could also have mentioned “Fat pork”.

    Females in this country must start looking at themselves, and see how they are being portrayed!

    They should stop wukking up just for wukking up sake, and desist from doing it to such songs, and also singing along with such lyrics!

    If they belittle females in such a way, they should show their contempt for the so-called songs!

    You cannot get respect if you do not respect yourselves!


  2. Eric June 11, 2013 at 9:45 am

    Maybe we should also talk about the political clowns who were parading on the platforms few months ago.

  3. SSignal Productions June 11, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Abigail James – Calypso 2013


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