Neesha tops the chart

A young female artist who officially released her debut album recently during a very successful concert at the Collymore Rock Nazarene Church, has taken the number one spot on the inaugural top 10 Gospel Music Chart being launched today by High Note.

Based on submissions by readers, Neesha Woodz’s Nagga Bow is the number one song for this past week.

A Few Good Men’s You Gotta Love You, came in at number two, with Sirrah holding down the third position, thanks to her popular song Love Me To Life. The charismatic Nayan has made it onto the chart at number four, with Mr. Warrington.

De Warrior made it at five with his up tempo There’s Only One Name, while Neesha is back in the spotlight at position six doing Adrenaline.

A Few Good Men – steadily becoming one of the most in-demand local gospel acts – has two other spots on the chart: number six, with Stay Away and seven, Never Fall. Larix’s Good Morning is the eighth most popular song for the week, followed with I Am A Winner, the ninth favourite performed by Allison Norville-Forde.

Debuting at number 10 is Barry Reid’s Embrace Me.

We will share with you Neesha’s chart-topper Nagga Bow, as she performed it in April during her album launch. That music video is attached. Of note, is that almost all of these artists dominating the charts are emerging acts, perhaps with the exception of Allison Norville-Forde.

Meanwhile, the emerging gospel artists in Barbados are sparing nothing in marketing their music across the wider world audiences. A search on the social networks reveals that virtually all of those who have come onto the local scene in the past decade or so, have produced music videos – and posted them on sites such as YouTube.

There are even acts there who are not widely known gospel singers, such as former Barbados Song Festival winner and representative at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s Song Contest, Lilian Lorde.

Check us next week to see if Neesha will retain her number one spot on the Gospel Music top 10 charts. Something to look forward to.

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