Ignore the haters

I’ve been reading the column Loving Me and I like the stories and the focus on health and nutrition.

I was a bit overweight, well, a lot actually, and didn’t think too much of myself. I signed up for a gym and started working out by myself at first cause I was a bit nervous and shy.

After a couple weeks this guy started coming around and helping me and encouraging me, which none of my relatives ever did.

They used to ridicule me.

This guy was really sweet and at first I couldn’t understand why he would even look at me when they were so many beautiful looking women there. He was attentive and we exchanged numbers so he could call and check up on me and if I was sticking to my diet.

That went for a couple of weeks, until one day this woman came to me during one of my sessions and said I should leave her man alone; he didn’t want no woman who was “1,000 pounds of blubber” and told me the other women and some of the men in the gym used to laugh at me.

I was shocked because this man had never once hinted at anything other than exercise and diet.

I was also hurt and when I saw him the next day I didn’t speak and he couldn’t understand why. He didn’t give up, he choose to ignore me and continued helping me with my workout. I could see the women staring at me.

As soon as we were done, I hustled out of the gym but he followed to find out what was wrong. I told him and he was so angry. He said that woman was running after him from the time he joined the gym but he wasn’t interested and told her so but she was persistent.

He also said he liked helping me achieve my goal and feeling better about myself.

I was going to leave that gym but he told me to ignore those haters and he would continue to help me and he did.

They didn’t stop laughing at me but he kept me focused and I started to lose weight and feel better about me. We started going out together and became really good friends with no strings attached. To make my story short, I have lost the weight I wanted to and we are still friends. He even introduced me to one of his friends who I’ve been out with a couple of times. And no, he is not gay. So I want to encourage all those big women out there who want to lose weight and are thinking about going a gym to look out for those people who will laugh at you. Ignore them and never give up on your goals. – A Very Sexy And Happy Woman

Since Yuh Asked AVSAHW, let me say you have made me smile, and for a number of reasons. Even without knowing you I am happy that you have taken a decision to take charge of your own health and that you have stuck to it and achieved your goal.

I am also happy that you have had the strength to rise against the pettiness of others and to persevere when their remarks hurt, and that it has made you strong enough to now offer advice to others.

I am also happy that you have shown what so many people just don’t want to believe – that a man a woman can meet, have something in common, enjoy each other’s company, help each other and not have to jump in bed. You are strong, don’t lose it – and give my regard to your personal trainer/friend. That is the kind of relationship you want to cultivate and cherish.

If it is to be, your relationship with his friend will grow into one that brings you romantic joy and the blessings of a lasting arrangement. I wish you all the best in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle as well as in your future relationships.

Let this be a lesson in life for you, because there may be a time when with “friends” you may be tempted to be unkind to someone else – remember what you went through and try always to be on the side of love and kindness.

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