BCC students urged to ‘stand out’

BCC Summer Interns with Faylene Nurse, Job Placement Officer (seated third left).
BCC Summer Interns with Faylene Nurse, Job Placement Officer (seated third left).

The Barbados Community College’s Counselling and Placement Centre hosted its annual graduate seminar on May 23 at the Almond Bay, Hastings.

The seminar, titled Stand out from the Crowd, catered to 33 second-year students who were preparing for internships during the summer holidays.

In his opening remarks, Principal Dr. Gladstone Best, implored the students to develop employability skills, some of which he identified as communication, teamwork, positive attitude, interpersonal skills, dependability and self-management.

Karen Collins of the Productivity Council facilitated the morning session at which she presented interview tips, productivity basics and work ethics, improved communication and building effective teams. Collins admonished the students not to spend their time on Facebook and other social media, but to focus on being productive.

She advised the student to be dependable and effective in the workplace, and explained that being effective meant turning up on time and working. She advised the students to be discerning by finding employees with positive attitudes to follow and not to pick up the bad habits of others.

Three students participated in an interview challenge. The panellists were Collins, Manager of Human Resources & Labour Relations at BCC, Jacqueline Moe-Cox, and BCC’s Job Placement Officer, Faylene Nurse. Reaiah Harris of the Division of Science placed first in the challenge, while the other participants were Ayisha Phillips and Rasheed Watson, who tied for second place.

The graduate seminar concluded with a modelling display of appropriate business attire.

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