Life after the party

by Kimberley Cummins

Dave Waldron with Island Fitness contestants.
Dave Waldron with Island Fitness contestants.

Approaching the Crop-Over season, rising earlier than usual on mornings to ensure you get your exercise on is a norm for many. These same people then head to the gym immediately after work to do another set of exercising. This constant pushing of one’s body is a good way to make certain that when you step into your costume come Grand Kadooment day no other would look as tight, lean and attractive as you. However, particularly at this time of the year another important feature one should pay close attention to is what they consume.

We know that standard with the festival comes along countless shows, limes, fetes. Fast foods, fried foods, sugar filled “soft” drink and of course alcohol, after all the origin of Crop-Over is rooted in the sugar cane. Though the recommendation of “use in moderation” may now seem common place it can only be hoped that these words of wisdom will reach at least one individual.

Director of the Island Fitness competition Dave Waldron is one such person who is optimist this does happen.

In an interview with LOVING ME, he repeated the same refrain. He stated even though he has never drank a drop of liquor in his life and was not telling anyone to stop drinking, he just wanted people to know there is life after the party.

“A glass of red wine a couple of times a week with food is one thing, a bottle of red wine every night is completely different, the personal trainer said. “Alcohol doesn’t really do the body much good, even though they are some health benefits associated with very moderate use of it. I think that society, in the way they market these products, forget that alcohol is a drug.

“This needs some attention, in terms of what it does to our health and the problems it is causing. I would like them to take stock of what they are doing and address that before it cause more serious problems . It is one thing to go in the gym and get really fit and buff … girls want to lose weight and get slim and trim- then you go out and try and kill yourself with alcohol.

“Having said that, Waldron who is a nutritional counsellor and also owner of NRG Studios said that since he began his competition some 12 years ago on the island he has noticed Barbadian’s overall attitude change where health was concerned. Nonetheless he believed they still have not gotten to the level that one could say “we are out of the woods yet”.

“I think it is changing and I pass our roads to see a number of persons exercising but… here is this huge movement with all of our partying that digress a lot of our young people to be drinking and that is causing a lot of [health] problems. Most people accept it because it is so widely accepted, it has become the norm.

He added: “You no longer go out to enjoy yourself, you go out to drink. You cannot enjoy yourself unless you drink and that is the message being sent to these young people. There was a time in our life when we could go out and have fun, have a dance, a good time, come home, perspire clothes soaked. You met new people, had fun, danced- the social component was much larger now all you hear is they go out and drink, the songs that they like speak to it… that is what everybody seeks to do.”

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