Heating up

Menswear Fashion Designer Andrew Harris Jr. is looking to heat up the streets of Barbados, the rest of the Caribbean Region, New York and Washington this summer with his extended 2013 Spring Summer Collection. Harris just returned from Cayman Islands and Suriname respectively where the buyers and fashionistas alike couldn’t get enough of his clothing. He simply states ‘my clothing is masculine, comfortable and trendy therefore it attracts males who like to be in style while not feeling as though their testosterone levels are dipping’.

For the Crop-Over season the brand will release a full line of tank top and shorts which are essential to beat the summer heat while attending all the hottest daytime parties and events. In less than two weeks Harris and his team are heading to the USA as he will showcase his collection at the Caribbean Style and Culture Event in Washington DC. While there he will also receive the ‘Award of Excellence – Fashion Innovation.’

Andrew says he is humbled to be receiving the award and views it as another stepping stone to greater achievements. He notes that the team is already making plans for his 2014 Spring Summer launch with October in mind as the proposed date!

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