Foods that cause big bellies

This is the time of year when gyms see an influx of people who wish to move spare tires and shirt fillers in time for Crop-Over or to be exact Grand Kadooment.

Some persons try to get away with it by painting abs on to stretched bellies!

But what causes big bellies, some say beer (beer belly), others say laziness, even good living some say. Careful investigation may show that the culprit may in fact be what we eat and also when we eat what we eat.


Bagels are made from 100 per cent refined flour (well most are). This refined flour triggers a cascade of events, such as elevated blood sugar levels, elevated insulin levels, and increased belly fat storage. If you love bagels, try a smaller size or the whole grain brands


This goes without saying, everyone knows what cabbage can do to you or your tummy. Cabbage increases gas production in the gastrointestinal tract during digestion. Eating cooked cabbage is easier on the stomach, than raw cabbage. If you want to have your waistline looking slim, eat small quantities of cabbage on that day.


About one to three hours after drinking a carbonated drink, you may feel as though your tummy has expanded. The gas (carbon dioxide) can make your stomach look distended and cause clothing to fit more snugly around your midsection. Drinking only one glass of this type of beverage and avoiding such a few days before an event or outing can help to keep the trim appearance you are looking for.

Cola may contain sugar, corn syrup or other liquid sweeteners. These sweeteners increase fat storage in the abdominal area. As mentioned earlier in the bagels section, there is a cascade of events that are triggered by liquid sweeteners, culminating in your body storing the excess sugars as fat, and no prizes for where it will be stored.

Diet cola, although not having sugars, contains the carbonation. The artificial sugars may also trigger a defensive response by the body as they are foreign chemicals, so when consumed in excessive amounts they can cause inflammation, which over time may lead to health problems and belly fat.


Deep-fried foods do cause you to feel sluggish and full because they slow down digestion, and if taken at night that is the perfect recipe for putting on fat on the belly.


We know that ice cream must contain large amount of sugars, and we have seen that increased consumption of those types of foods will lead to belly fat. Because ice cream is a milk based product, it will contain lactose. Lactose causes bloating in lactose intolerant individuals. Extreme temperatures in foods, can stress the gastrointestinal tract, leading to cramping and bloating.


These are sugar substitutes that are only partially digested by the body. They are found in common products like sugar-free chewing gum, sweets and snacks and are listed in the ingredient area as either xylitol, sorbitol and maltilol. Because they are partially digested they can cause side effects in the gut of bloating, gas and diarrhea.


Chewing gum can lead to the swallowing of air. Obviously the more air you swallow, the more air that will accumulate in your belly, which can cause bloating and belly expansion.


White rice is a refined product that has been stripped of the outer and inner layer of grain, removing most of the fibre, nutrients, and proteins. White rice digests quickly in your stomach, resulting in the typical cascading effect, which results in increased fat storage and eventually a bigger waist line.

There you are. I have given you a number of excuses for your big belly, choose one and explain how it all went south. I will do some research and see which foods, if any, can be used to flatten your tummy.

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