by Latoya Burnham

Courtney on the leg press.

I thought I was a competitive person… No, I know I am a competitive person, but the bunch of fitness challenge participants I’ve met this week take the word “competition” to a whole other level.

Hi, this is Latoya checking in for week one of the Want It… Live It, Ultimate 8-Week Fitness Challenge by Body by Kirk and Lifestyle Body Solutions which began on Monday. The way the competition is structured, we have to do at least two days in the gym each week, but some of the more competitive people push way more. What levels us all out is that there are certain exercises that are judged – like the deadlift clean and press, step ups, leg press and we each have a pedometer almost permanently attached to us for the next 56 days.

In the past week I’ve seen and heard of women doing 40+ deadlift clean and presses; 70 to 90+ step ups and 40+ leg presses, and at this point I can’t even tell you what the men are doing, because they are beyond impressive.

So in addition to my being in awe, it has told me I need to up my game and not simply because the prizes are awesome. Prizes in addition to the challenge award and free membership include gift certificates from Chakra Spa at Accra Beach Hotel, lunches from Crystal Cove; breakfast certificates for Hilton and the Sugar Bowl and treatments from Water Oasis. And these are just a few.

Sophia Forte, one of the principals at the gym said they are extremely grateful for the donations of prizes from the entities and suspects that these will cause the participants to strive even harder to be in the top three or five.

Now if these people are going to up their game, what about me? lol I was joking with one of the participants, Aisha this morning who has been pushing everyone to do more, push harder, lift more, because the Barbados TODAY reporter must not be in the top five.

I don’t know if I’ll make the top echelons seeing how far I have to go, but as they say, the race is not for the swift… That’s all I have to say to my new gym friend. I promise eventually to reveal what my numbers are, hehe, when I get them up a bit.

With 27 participants in the challenge so far and the gym about to add number 28, a winner of the Barbados TODAY competition to win a place in the challenge, the competition for the fittest of the fittest is certainly on. We look forward to welcoming the new member to my new family, because that’s exactly what I’ve found in this small nook of St. Lucy – another family.

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