Eat right and save

Managing Director Susan Mahon (right) with chef Sharon Jordan.

How can you eat nutritious and delicious? Just ask the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University.

Last evening, as the earth celebrated World Environment Day, the institute, through its Bellairs Food Security Programme, hosted an event based on the concept of “slow food”.

The theme for World Environment Day was Think.Eat.Save, basically encouraging people to think about the choices they make; eat nutritious and delicious foods, while saving money, space, energy, resources and one’s self.

Susan Mahon, Academic and Managing Director of the Institute noted: “Bellairs is highlighting two new programmes – The Bellairs Food Security Programme, which is based on the application of the ‘Slow Food’ concept; and, the Bellairs Alternative Energy Research Programme.

“Slow Food encourages us to develop menus that are healthful, tasty, and prepared with local ingredients. The use of alternative energy is connected with the theme of “think and save” through the efficient use of resources,” she explained.

Having a sample of a slow food.

Organiser of the celebrations at Bellairs was Claire Haynes, a visiting scholar at the institute and a founding member of Blueprint, a youth group that is reaching out to Barbadians about issues relating to diabetes.

Blueprint yesterday also launched a new initiative called, Healthy Living Is…, which challenges Barbadians to think about ways of improving their lifestyles.

The Institute introduced Senior Researcher in Alternative Energy, William Hinds, who will be teaching and researching ways in which Barbadians and other Caribbean people can use renewable resources to power their homes and work places. Hinds presented his book, Householders Guide to Cool Solar Houses during the celebrations.

All events occurring at Bellairs are highlighted in an annual newsletter, called Island Sustainability Dialogue that summarises the initiatives of Bellairs to engage members of the public and the Government in fruitful discussions and activities pertaining to sustainable living.

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