Colourful juice recipes

by Emily von Euw

lovingmeveggiesforadrinkI love the colour of this juice; it’s so bright and bursting with life! The majority of my diet has been mostly juice and smoothies lately, along with the raw desserts I’m making everyday for my Cookbook (it’s way too exciting to type that). I think in warmer seasons I naturally crave lighter, cooler food. I haven’t really been wanting cooked meals at all, or even my giant fruit bowls or salads. I am totally content with just my juice for now. I would go on a juice fast because the idea is so appealing and natural at the moment – but then I’d have no way of knowing how my recipes for the book will taste!

Pink Juice

1 beet

1 cucumber

2 apples

2 oranges

3 tomatoes

1 lemon

Some mint leaveslovingmeveggiescolourfulconcoctionjuice

2 sticks of celery

2 slice of pineapple

Wash, chop and peel the produce as needed.

Put through your juicer, drink up the goodness, and get the glow.

Colourful Concoction juice: serves one or two

3 carrots

1 cucumber

chunk of ginger

1 tomato

1 lime

1 bell pepper

4 beets

1 green apple

1 orange

Wash, cut, slice and peel as needed. juice it and drink! mmm… live 4 juice; juice 4 life!

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