Bennett wins challenge

lovingmelisabennetbeforeLisa Bennett has won a place in the BODY BY KIRK AND LIFESTYLE BODY SOLUTIONS – Want It… Live It 8-Week CHALLENGE.

She told LOVING ME that she could not wait to start as she does not like how she looks and is determined to shed those pounds.

“I’m hoping to lose 80 pounds. When I was at school I was 120 pounds but I was never bony. I don’t eat a lot, I joined a gym and even had a personal trainer at one time but nothing happened and I was very disappointed,” she said.

This is her letter.

“I need to be in this weight loss challenge just look at me. I am a hott mess. I hate looking at myself, buying clothes is a nightmare. Every diet fad I have tried, pills, teas you name it I’m sure I’ve tried it and if I haven’t when I hear about it I going to try it. I’m depressed and fed up, fed up, fed up. I have two beautiful children to live for I want to set an example for them and health comes first. Don’t know what more to say… but I NEED THIS!!!

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