Spoilt Almond

Stagnant water tells the story of Almond Beach Village.
Stagnant water tells the story of Almond Beach Village.

One year and a month after its closure, Almond Beach Village is quickly being swallowed up by Mother Nature.

Pools are filled with stagnant water, the golf course looks like a well fertilised hay field, the grass in many gardens now cover once colourful shrubs and other flowering plants, while stepping stone pathways are no longer noticeable.

The staff carpark that once use to be filled with vehicles, a symbol of the significance of its operations to so many Barbadian households, is covered with dead tree branches, while grass has begun to push its way up through the asphalt.

And while the buildings do not yet seem to show any major signs of decay, the drab look of the complex, with once neatly trimmed trees now overshadowing everything, Almond Beach Village shows none of its former glory.

Hotel or nature trail.
Hotel or nature trail.

The 500-room West Coast property that offered all-inclusive luxury to thousands of European visitors annually, was closed last year April by its principal owners, Neal & Massy Limited of Trinidad and Tobago, after years of recording substantial losses.

The property has been on the market since then with offers from a number of entities in the tourism business, including Crane Resorts Limited, Bjerkhamn Associates and Sandals of Jamaica, along with a consortium of former employees. The latter has the backing of Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy as the most favoured option.

Neal & Massy’s last word on the Almond saga was that they were still evaluating offers. (RRM)

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