PAC agenda

Following are the major points that engaged the attention of the Public Accounts Committee when it met in the Senate chamber today.

* $2.466 million per month for debt and salary and wages paid to National Housing Corporation for the last 18 months.

* No authority from Parliament for money to be treated as a subvention or as an advance.

* No loan documentation for advance of $2.466 million per month.

* The admission that the National Housing Corporation is insolvent.

* Fifty persons employed in January on short-term employment for debushing in spite of NHC being insolvent.

* No authorisation for the employment of 47 persons at the NHC.

* Undated signed contract by former Chairman for $33 million for building of housing project at Exmouth, with no supporting evidence of board approval.

* No board appointed for three months with former chairman continuing to signing documents.

One Response to PAC agenda

  1. Peter Dawn June 6, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Are we as citizens of this country serious?? What is going on here is scandelous!!!! How can a government just pour money into a bottomless hole like this?? At least the minister responsible should present a plan of action in order to receive funds like this.

    And how can an institution that requires a board not have one. Even if the plan is to shut it down surely you still need a board to actually put into effect government’s policies.

    Where was the previous Minister in all this??? How is it that the current Minister can find time to call in on the various call-in programmes to ask all kinds of problems but he could have an issue like this to solve. When he calls is he on his own time or on Government’s dime?? Then we talk about productivity from government workers?

    While I am at it the current Minister is always promoting his business in several ways. How come as a Minister you can’t practice medicine or law but yuh could run a rum shop?? Is it ethical to function as a Minister and still have your private business like this?? I am only asking.

    This is really really bad and what is even worse is that nobody will get a day for that!!!


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