New book from Every

businessthehighroadcoverBarbados Today columnist, Donna Every, has released her second novel, The High Road, the sequel to The Merger Mogul.

Every describes the book, which is set in Barbados and Manhattan, as “abounding in business, romance and political intrigue”.

Her first novel, The Merger Mogul, which was released in September 2012, has a four-star rating on and Every has been pleased with the response to it, both locally and abroad.

“It’s amazing how many people I meet who want to write a book or have a book written but have never published it. Amazon and Createspace make publishing easy and affordable. Best of all, receiving US dollar royalty cheques is great, not only at a personal level but also for the country.

“Additionally, our double taxation treaty with the US means that the 30 per cent withholding tax on royalties earned is reduced to just five per cent. We need to take advantage of the treaties that our Governments have negotiated while earning foreign exchange for the country.”

The e-book can be downloaded from and pre-orders for the paperback can be sent to

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