Jamaica police kill murder suspect

Onlookers try to get a glimpse of the dead teen’s body.
Onlookers try to get a glimpse of the dead teen’s body.

KINGSTON — Police from the St. Andrew South Division say a man who was cut down in an alleged shoot-out yesterday was the main suspect in the murder of 17-year-old Avia Hutchinson, also known as Rochelle, whose nude body was found on Maxfield Avenue last Tuesday.

The dead man was identified as Luke Levels.

Head of the division, Senior Superintendent Delroy Hewitt, told the Jamaica Observer that police had received information that Levels was involved in Hutchinson’s murder. Both were involved in a relationship, Hewitt said.

The police reported that they went to Glen Road in search of Levels and when they attempted to apprehend him he drew the handgun and fired at them. The police fired back and Levels was shot dead.

A .38 revolver live rounds were recovered at the scene, police said.

“He tried to shoot his way out but we managed to overcome. Thankfully none of the officers were injured,” Hewitt said.

Hutchinson’s naked body was found in a pool of blood on Maxfield Avenue at the entrance of the St Phillips Church. A bloody underwear was found metres from her body and her brassiere appeared to have been cut off. She had several stab wounds on her neck and abdomen. (Observer)

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