God has a place in Crop-Over

Father Clement Paul at the Ooutrage band launch.
Father Clement Paul at the Ooutrage band launch.

Father Clement Paul says that no one will stop him from blessing a Grand Kadooment band Crop-Over.

He stated his position on Sunday night as he delivered his customary blessing on the 11-year-old band Ooutraje at their launch.

“The last time I blessed Ooutraje somebody went around and said … I blessed Ooutraje and I was given a call in the week and told ‘no wonder the church and people are in such a mess because a priest in the Roman Catholic Church can take time out to go and bless the band like Ooutraje’. I said ‘why like Ooutraje’ so we had quite a long discussion and he said ‘look at how they dress and look at how they behave. … I said obviously you’ve been observing, you’ve been looking on.

“… When I see people I see [them] having a good time, enjoying themselves and you mean to tell me that God will prevent me from being there to tell them ‘hi’ God is still with you?. That’s what I’m here to tell you.

“… I can tell you that I believe in a God who loves me whether I am good or whether I am not good and that never changes. In fact, the Bible uses the word called agape and it says no matter what happens I still love you, that doesn’t give you the right to do as you like and at no point can I say that anybody is beyond the love of God.

“That’s why for years now, whenever Ooutraje asks me to come and say a prayer for them I say a resounding yes and I make it my business to come. In fact this is a band that I think gets the message, one of the few bands that asks for God’s blessing on them and I have a feeling that is because of that faith and because of the kind of people you are and the band you are and the judges have no choice every year but to give you some particular prize. God bless you all,” he said.

Father Paul also sang his blessing. (DS)

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