Baje breaking away

cropover2013bajekadoomentBaje International will be breaking away this year.

Launched on Friday night at Raddison Aquatica Resorts, bandleader Richard Haynes said there are six sections – Break Away, Colours, Silver Sparks, Dawn, Twilight, and Ricochet, three front lines (Twilight, Dawn and Break Away).

There might be a seventh section but he told Bajan Vibes he is keeping that under wrap for now.

“For now our entire 1,200 band has been spread over six sections. … We know our master number for costumes is about 1,200 and when you add staff and sponsors, it is a massive team on the road, with at least 130 men making it about 1,500 on the road. We know how to cater for 1,500 people. We’ve done it successfully before but when it gets past that, we tried it one year, and it was a massive challenge.

“We didn’t cut back our numbers necessarily because of the recession, we did it because of management and this year we kind of rolled the dice because we know we’re deep into the recession but we tried to put our absolute best product out,” he said.

Haynes said that people liked to play mas’ to get away from the stress so they invested more in the band, more in the concept and the fetes to try to complement the festival.

He further noted that the prices had not been increased with the front line costumes ranging staying between the $1,000 to $1,200 range as they were three years ago.

“We try to invest a lot more quality, a lot more detail into the costumes, into the actual season to give the customer more value for money without raising the price,” the bandleader stated. (DS)

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