Bajan public is fed up

The current government had better be aware that the Bajan public is totally fed up with the mismanagement of their lives. These are a few of the problems which are facing us on a daily basis:

a) Health care is of paramount importance to many persons who earn a low wage or salary because we could visited a polyclinic and receive medication for our various ailments. Not so now, the only things being dispensed are those things that can be purchased at a supermarket. The real medication must be bought from a private pharmacy. The touting of savings in the health bill means that we are told to buy our medications as this Government will not be giving us anything.

b) We are burdened with high light bills, high fuel costs, higher food prices, higher clothing and shoes prices and the government is asking us to either pay for high medication or die without it. There are many more deaths per month than previously as many persons are trying to do without needed medicines, and the diseases are taking their toll on us.

c) The motoring public is paying higher road taxes and the roads are worst than ever. I cannot understand how an island with much less miles than the US cannot have roads in pristine condition for the expensive cars to travel — because we have cheap imported vehicles but they cost us an arm and a leg. The importers seem to forget that with the availability of the Internet persons can see the true cost of the vehicles that they import, so they know that they are being ripped-off.

d) The issue of low income housing solution is a mockery to the really poor persons who earn less than $3,000 per month. They are virtually locked out of the low income housing programme because the true cost of rental is in the region of $400 per week or more. So in essence this caters to those persons who are earning $9,000 per month plus all the additional perks like telephone and travel allowances.

I do not know who are the low income earners that the housing minister is referring to, but they are not those cashiers, clerks or typists who earn as low as $150 weekly to about

$2,400 month and have to pay for their utilities, buy food and catch the bus.

e) The issues that are faced each day by the low income persons are further aggravated when the cost of food and fuel are increased every week. Many of these persons do not have any money in their bank accounts as the banks are drained of any funds as soon as they are deposited.

The sickness benefits from the National Insurance Department has been decreased, so it does not benefit the low income earners to take any sick leave for more than two days because they are not even paid for the two sick days they take. The payment of sick leave is after three days off from work, and if you cannot afford to pay a private doctor you will lose a day’s pay from your small wage or salary.

f) There are some personnel officers who take delight in deducting days’ pay from the already small wage or salary of their junior staff because it would make them vulnerable to the “sharks” or higher paid officers in the business.

These sharks propose to use sex as a requisite for financial aid to those weak staff who think that they are helping them when in fact they are being exploited by the senior officers. These low paid staff are treated like dirt when the senior officers have gained access to their “private life”.

g) This Government would be wise to take notice of the CADRES or any other poll because they are likened to a bull in a china shop. They have destroyed the lives of many Bajans, they have ruptured friendships by the divide and rule concept they have introduced in the ministries they mismanage.

h) They have successfully demoralised a whole nation by the nasty, vindictive managerial practices that they have imposed on this country of Barbados.

i) Why have they invited a drug-running country of Mexico to be their spokesman for

the G-20 countries Summit.

j) I want this Government to concede defeat and allow the proper government to take over the affairs of this country. Can you imagine that feeding yourself has become a hit and miss game — you cannot eat chicken more than once per month, the price of eggs which were once cheap are getting more and more expensive. Food consists of bread, eggs, maybe a piece of cheese, kool-aid drink mix, white potatoes, maybe a piece of cabbage or tomatoes that are cheap and more often than not are soft. Going to sleep with a burning belly is the normal thing that low income Bajans have embraced since 2008.

k) The sanitation department does not take too many types of garbage and it is left for the drug pushers to hide their merchandise in it. The large cannibal lizards are all over the place they even want to live in houses if allowed; and the Giant African Snails are in every parish. The sanitation staff do not treat the trucks they operate with respect, they drive with aggression, they stop and use the brake incorrectly, they treat persons garbage containers with scant respect.

I) I would like to inform the authorities here in Barbados that there is a better way to keep this small dot on the world map clean. The cleaners need to be trained in the proper way to keep the streets clean with no shrubs growing in the gutters or on the sidewalks. The roads kept in good condition without the jarring that one gets from the dents and potholes; from being faced with broken sidewalks or non-existent walk areas; from inconsiderate motorists who think that roads have suddenly become smooth after a shower of rain has filled the dents and potholes, thereby wetting other road users with dirty, garbage effluent waste water.

m) I would like to see that the minibuses desist from the loud obnoxious noise that is used in the vehicles, and especially the one with that very nasty voice which sounds like a mixture of sewage and garbage cans mixed together.

This “announcer” has the most annoying sound that a human being can ever produce and it seems that the operators of the minibuses and ZR vans are promoting this bad influence on society. I had heard that these operators should desist from playing the nonsense noise or they will face penalties but this threat has gone to the dogs. The transport authorities have not kept their word.

n) The Agriculture Ministry has an employee who is constantly saying that the snail infestation is under control, but it so much out of control that you are literally walking on them at night and early morning or evening, the snails are all over the place and they want persons to help them burn them and want to pay people to collect them. The ministry had the opportunity to contain them when they were located in the harbour and they failed.

I am fed up with the mouthing’s of this talk, talk Government. Nothing positive is being done. They have literally run this country into the ground.

— Shirleen Anesta Bostic

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