A happy marriage

One of the easiest institutions to enter and one of the hardest to get out of is marriage. I guess the ultimate goal of any relationship is the possibility of finding a partner that you can settle down in life with and start a family.

I believe in the institution of marriage, but I honestly do not believe that it is for everyone. Sometimes some couples are together for years and shortly after they get married it ends in divorce. What could have happened, some may ask.

Getting married should never be taken lightly. Sometimes I wonder if some of us are influenced by what we see on television and believe that marriage is easy, when honestly it isn’t. We are witness to Hollywood’s idea of what a marriage is when we watch a romantic marriage proposal and then a big wedding, but honestly marriage is not easy.

This person you have decided to get married to should be seen as your partner for life. He or she should be the love of your life and your shoulder to cry on. Always remember, never include outside forces in your marriage who may give you opinions on things that they know nothing about.

I always encourage married couples to have other married couples as friends who will understand what you are going through and the challenges you may face.

Before you decide you make that very important leap of marriage I implore you to sit and think very carefully if this is really want you want. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into anything you are not ready for. Ask yourself if this is the person you truly want to spend your life with; if you are truly ready to get married.

It is exciting when you are choosing rings, your wedding dress, the theme and location of your wedding and the guest list. Just please remember those plans are just for one day, because after your wedding day then your marriage begins.

I am not sure why so many marriages are ending in divorce but something is definitely wrong. So many questions run through my mind: Have these couples grown apart? Was one partner unfaithful? Was the marriage a mistake?

Don’t become a statistic. If you decide to make this very important step try and give it your all. I know that some may not agree with what I may say next but I believe that sometimes it is better to live with the person for a while before you get married.

It can be a very huge adjustment when you become married and having to move in with the person and adjust to waking up next to this person everyday and having endure their living habits. The slightest thing if a marriage is not strong can break it so be prepared to put in the hard work to make your marriage successful.

“A happy marriage doesn’t mean you have a perfect spouse or a perfect marriage. It simply means you’ve chosen to look beyond the imperfections in both” — Fawn Weaver.

Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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