What about Clico?

I refer to your recent story headline Life Line?

So now we have some idea of what is going on with the insurance policies at the British American Insurance Company, can the thousands of policy holders at Clico also have some closure to their miseries with that insurance company?

I am sure in the case of Clico there are hundreds of couples who have pensions outstanding, health policies up in the air, etc.

The Prime Minister, as one of his platform promises, stated that he would have a final answer to the Clico fiasco if he was re-elected. Why have we not heard anything?

How long will the Clico policyholders have to wait to recover some of their money that they dutifully paid month after month to this company, whose boss is living pretty with his multi-million dollar settlement.

In the meanwhile though, many former employees who are also policy holders are smelling hell on whether they will recover even half of the money they invested in their future.

This is absolute garbage!

— Sam Drakes

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