TT $6.5 m. to retrieve damaged fire truck

PORT OF SPAIN — A water tender bought for close to $2 million for boosting the fleet at the Arima Fire Station ended up costing almost three times that amount after it was involved in an accident last November 17 along the North Coast.

Retrieving the fire truck incurred a bill of $6.5 million.

Several attempts by T&T Guardian to seek answers as to why such a hefty sum was paid to Sammy’s Multilift Services Ltd to remove and tow the fire truck met with resistance. The water tender was responding to a report in the Blanchisseuse area when it skidded and ran off the road, plunging 300 feet down a precipice. Firefighters escaped serious injury.

No specifics

Sammy’s Multilift Services, a subsidiary of Junior Sammy Contractors, of Sum Sum Hill, Claxton Bay, was contracted to retrieve the truck. President of Sammy’s Multilift, Ramdath Ramsubir, confirmed that his company had been hired but refused to disclose specifics of the cost of the job except to say:

“I know it was justified. It was around $6 million. I do not understand why this has to be an article in the first place.

“The point is we specialise in our field. A price was based on our expertise and equipment. I know what we would normally cost clients for jobs like that. I am justified in what we did. When people ask we will justify. I gave you a ballpark figure but you continue to ask more and more questions.” (Guardian)

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