Tribute to sanctuary

cropover2013outragekadoomentSome of the beautiful creatures that live at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary will be displayed on Kadooment Day.

Wings of the Sanctuary is the name of the band Ooutraje will be bringing this year, and band leader and designer Trevor Chase told the media after the launch on Sunday night at George Washington House in the historic Garrison Area, that it was a tribute to the wetlands that has closed its doors.

He said there were “so many” different birds and fish and other creatures living in the Christ Church locale but they narrowed it down to those people would be able to identify easily.

“All the creatures that fly in the Nature Sanctuary. As you know [it] has closed, but we’re here to represent it and to show you want beautiful creatures lie in that sanctuary.

“We’re hoping to reach the 350 mark this year. We were just over 300 last year. Realistically, we have five sections but the butterflies are split in two, when you see it, it will look to you the onlooker, like nine sections.

“There are two bird sections and two butterfly sections split in two. The men have five sections and they are playing this year the guardians of the sanctuary. [They are] also very colourful and we think that we’ve catered pretty well to our male masqueraders,” Chase said.

This is his 11th year playing mas’ and he said they had the concept for the band from last. He said it started out as lilies and they decided to use the creatures with wings.

Chase also said that the costume prices would be increased by no more than $40.

Roman Catholic Priest Father Clement Paul, who blessed the band, was also given a token. Chase’s daughter, Sophia, paid tribute to one of their members and friends, John Carrington, who died in November last year. (DS)

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