The spoils

by Roy R. Morris

Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Joseph, Dennis Holder, might have lost the electoral battle, but it appears he has won the war — of sorts.

Barbados TODAY investigations revealed that the 51 year-old first time contender and primary school teacher up to the time of his declaration as a candidate, this week took up a new post as consultant in the Ministry of Education, Science, technology and Innovation.

According to sources, the Freundel Stuart Cabinet recently approved his selection for the post, officially listed as Consultant/Advisor on Deviance and School-Based Youth at Risk.

Having taken up the post at the start of this month, Holder will now take home a salary on par with that of a deputy principal, and just $2,000 shy of a principal — with a package of over $7,300 per month. This is more than double what he would have made as a teacher at A. DaCosta Edwards Primary in Belleplaine, St. Andrew, where he had been assigned for many years.

This means that Holder is now making substantially more than he would have made as a Government back-bencher, had he won the St. Joseph seat. It is also well over the approximately $5,000 the man who beat him, Opposition MP Dale Marshall, takes home in parliamentary pay.

In the February St. Joseph election, Marshall polled 2,850 to Holder’s 2,453.

According to sources at Government Headquarters on Bay Street, for this salary Holder is required to:

* Conduct appropriate surveys to ascertain the degree/extent/reasons for deviance among students;

* Recommend policies and programmes to address the findings as identified by such surveys;

* Liaise with social agencies in the development of appropriate remedies/solutions to deal with school-based at risk students;

* Develop and implement a statistical format to capture all relevant information on deviant behaviour inclusive of bullying, fighting, suspension expulsion, etc.;

* Liaise with all relevant sections of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation to satisfy this agenda; and

* Conduct such other functions and activities as determined by the minister from time to time.

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  1. Maureen Worrell June 5, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    It pays u to lost the election to get the big pay. What a shame. I am thinking that the Government does not have money to give back the Tax returns. They talk about the last administration about consultants. What are they doing no?


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