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cropover2013wednesday2000kadoomentWho says you can’t educate and build the cultural experience, have a good time and enjoy a wine?

Not band designers and producers Wednesday 2000, whose mantra is, more fun than any other band.

And in 2013, the popular group brings it all together, yet again, with both its Grand Kadooment and Junior Kadooment bands – all designed by the Holders and led by Brian Corbin. The Foreday Mornin’ presentation will be “bare fun”.

What is truly Barbadian? Is it sea and sand? Even the Pride of Barbados or baobab tree?

For Kadooment 2013, Wednesday 2000 will take Barbados on a journey into a deep part of our cultural foundation by spotlighting with four captivating sections in explosive colour.

Four of the island’s few distinct natural gifts to the world – a fruit (grapefruit), bird (red seal coot), fish (a wild guppy species) and plant (metastelma barbadense) – will come alive in Juicy, Radiant, Outstanding and Spectacular.

Bandleader Brian Corbin noted that band members will be thrilled with the quality and spectacle of the Uniquely Ours costumes.

He said Wednesday 2000 had always tried to separate itself from the usual naming a production and just putting out the same white, or yellow or blue costumes year after year.

He added that he was very happy to hear other bandleaders now joining Wednesday 2000 in calling for creative designs that show some semblance, unless in the realm of fantasy, to what the band was being called.

Wednesday 2000, he said, is first about fun and safety, but noted that Uniquely Ours would satisfy both the public, but especially band members, with something for everyone.

Corbin added that there would be hats and fabulous headpieces, skirts and belts and enough variations to please.

And exhilarating costumes will be matched by Wednesday 2000’s famous exclusive, all-inclusive package – everything from full-scale catered breakfast and shuttle, premium drinks and snacks on the road, extensive security and hot catered lunch and after-jump shower.

Junior Kadooment will be treated to A Walk in the Park and Wednesday 2000’s Foreday Mornin’ band will be based on the title Anything Goes – Kolour Me Bad.

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