The real vibes

cropover2013vibeskadoomentQuality jump, drinks, service, costumes — everything, can be expected from Vibes Entertainment.

Their mission is to provide the “premier island experience” and band leader, 26-year-old Kemar Sobers assured Barbados TODAY that was exactly what Barbadians, who register for the Grand Kadooment band would get. Champagne breakfast, hot lunch at Kensington Oval after the jump and many other goodies.

The band was the brainchild of Sobers but is being run by a committee of young enthusiasts desirous of taking the festival forward.

“For three years I kept saying this is something I have to do because I looked at what was being offered on the market, especially the male costumes…, and what they were getting did not equate with the price they were paying.

“In relation to the females, we realised their costumes were sexy but revealing. What we seek to do is to alleviate the problems that we saw and seek to work on them,” the fashionista said.

Vibes Entertainment, which has partnered with Foreday Mornin’ band 37 Vibes to benefit revellers, was launched last Friday night at the Plantation Garden Theatre. It is their first showing and the theme Natives Of The Americas focusses on the four tribes.

Ciboneys, the front line section, is also being the called the rainbow,

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