Short battery life on BlackBerry Z10

by John McCann

bytemez10batterypackThe BlackBerry Z10 comes equipped with a removable 1,800mAh battery which will be music to some people’s ears, as this means you can carry additional power packs and swap in a fully charged one when the current pack gives up the ghost.

Performance wise the Z10 performed relatively well — we didn’t experience fast draining issues as with the One X, but equally it was never going to blow us away with its modest battery size.

The issue with the BlackBerry Z10 will be with current BlackBerry users who are used to their BB OS7 devices running for days between charges thanks to the smaller, lower resolution displays and less demanding processors inside the handsets.

With moderate use the Z10 will see you through a full working day, but don’t expect it to make it through a second. A nightly charge is definitely on the cards for anyone who picks up this device.

BlackBerry is quoting up to 11 hours of talktime on the BlackBerry Z10 and 408 hours of standby, which we reckon is pushing the boundaries a little, but it’s good to remember these figures are produced under lab conditions which are very different to real usage.

We did find that playing games, even for short periods of times ate into the battery quite significantly — with around 45 minutes of World of Goo draining a fair amount.

* Primary recommendations to BB Z10 users are: Invest in an extra battery pack or two (and walk with them); and keep your phone plugged in when at you desk or at home. Oh, and don’t forget to charge it every night.

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